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Natural Gas Carbon Charge Changes

From 1 January 2019, the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme’s carbon unit surrender ratio will increase. Read more

Fraud Warning

Nova Energy Limited has been made aware that customers of some energy retailers are receiving calls in which demands are being made for payments alleged to be due, with the caller threatening to cut off power if payment is not made.

If you are in any doubt about the validity of a caller, a genuine call from Nova can be verified by phoning us back on 0800 668 236.

Before disconnecting anyone's energy supply, Nova would give several days written notice and would let them know the steps to take to prevent this happening.

If you believe you might have been affected by a bogus call, you should call your bank.

See here for more information and a translation of the security alert in Te Reo Māori, Samoan, Hindi & Chinese.

Winter's here: Tips to control your energy bill

As winter’s chill bites, there are a lot of things you can do to help control your power usage and your energy bills. Here are some inexpensive measures that you can take.

Energy Savings Tips

  • Turn your appliances off at the wall when you aren’t using them. Appliances that use standby power can account for 7 per cent of your power bill.
  • Use a thermostat and timer on heaters.
  • Use draught stopping tape or door snakes along the bottom of doors.
  • ·Close doors and draw curtains at dusk to keep the day's heat in.
  • Replace your four most used light bulbs with energy efficient ones. Each bulb can save you $20 a year.
  • Only have heat pumps and gas fires turned on when you're home and using the room.
  • Dry your clothes outside or on a clothes horse rather than using a clothes dryer
  • Only use heated towel rails when needed, or put them on a timer
  • Defrost your freezer – it will run more efficiently
  • Check your fridge door seals and replace them if they look worn or there are gaps

For further tips go to the EECA Energy Wise website