Broadband Plans

A broadband plan for you

These days, having reliable broadband at home is more important than ever.

Whether you’re streaming TV, browsing the web, working or learning, we’ve got a range of great value unlimited broadband and phone plans to suit your home. From ADSL or VDSL through to Fibre or high-speed Fibre Boost. And when you join us on an eligible Fibre connection, we’ll also set you up with Powerful WiFi.

Plus with our Broadband Multisaver Plan, you’ll save $20/month off our broadband only pricing when you bundle it with another eligible service.

A broadband plan for you

Go even faster with Fibre Boost

If you have multiple people in your household streaming movies or gaming online, bump up your broadband speed with Fibre Boost for an extra $14/month. If you're already connected to fibre, it's easy to upgrade. There's no extra equipment to install and no need for a fibre technician. Simply select Fibre Boost when you sign up or give us a call to upgrade when you're ready.

Fibre Boost is ideal for larger households with lots of connected devices. If you love gaming or streaming in high definition, you'll love the performance of Fibre Boost.

Go even faster with Fibre Boost
  • ADSL

    Average peak download speed of 8 Mbps and upload speed of 1 Mbps*. Suitable for light web browsing, email and basic video streaming, particularly when there’s only one device connected.

  • VDSL

    Average peak download speed of 36 Mbps and upload speed of 9 Mbps*. Suitable for medium internet users with improved performance for a few connected devices.

  • Fibre

    Average peak download speed of 312 Mbps and upload speed of 108 Mbps*. Suitable for video streaming, some gaming and multiple connected devices.

  • Fibre Boost

    Average peak download speed of 861 Mbps and upload speed of 498 Mbps*. Great for high definition video streaming, online gaming and quickly transferring large files.

* Speeds shown are national peak time average broadband speeds based on the Commerce Commission’s Measuring Broadband New Zealand (MBNZ) Winter Report, September 2023. You may experience higher or lower speeds than these. Factors such as the performance of your modem, location of the server you’re connected to, the performance of your device and your in-home WiFi setup can also impact speeds experienced.

Frequent questions

Why would I want Fibre?

If your home has multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs, Smart TVs or gaming consoles, you’ll probably need the speed and bandwidth of fibre. Copper ADSL and VDSL internet connections can get congested as more devices connect simultaneously. With a fibre connection, you are less likely to experience reduced speeds by running several devices at the same time.

Here’s what fibre lets you enjoy:

  • All the entertainment you can handle. Watch TV, movies, sport and more on Netflix, On Demand, Sky, Neon, Amazon Prime and the ever-growing list of online content providers.
  • Streaming music via Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud or any other online music source.
  • The best gaming experiences. Play faster, get updates quicker and add more players.
  • Learn faster. Get more information and access video easily - perfect for any level of education.
  • Easy Cloud storage. Greater upload and download speeds let you store your files safely and access them quickly.
  • The freedom to work from home. With fibre, anything you need to send, receive or access via the cloud is done quickly and easily.
What is the process to upgrade to Fibre?

We will organise this with you. It’s a three-stage process if your home hasn’t had fibre installed previously, starting with a visit from a Local Fibre Company technician. The technician will discuss how best to connect fibre to your property and you will be asked to approve the connection plan.

Next, they will carry out the external build work before returning to install your internal fibre equipment. The technician will test that your connection works and ensure that you are up and running.

Will I need to wait at the property for a technician?

This will be dependent on your Local Fibre Company but our team will guide you through this and ensure you know whether you need to be on site or not.

How long will it take?

A fibre upgrade generally takes up to 21 days. It may take longer in certain situations e.g. if the Local Fibre Company needs to gain permission for fibre to cross private property or if permission is required from a landlord. We’ll try to minimise any delays and ensure you’re kept up to date along the way.

Do I need to contact my current provider?

Yes, it’s your responsibility to contact your current service provider to advise them you’re switching to us and to cancel your account with them. You should do this once you receive an email from us confirming your estimated service start date.

Ask your current provider to continue to provide you with service until this date. It’s also a good idea to check any T&Cs you may have signed up to in case there is a specific notice period. Some providers have 30-day notice periods.

I live on a shared driveway, in a flat or in a shared building. What do I need to know?

Sometimes you’ll need consent from additional parties before your home can be connected to fibre, but we will work with you to help with this process if it affects you. 

If your home has a shared driveway, if you live in flat or building with a body corporate, or if you are renting your property, consents are required before fibre can be installed. 

If you are a tenant you will need to have consent from your landlord, if you live in a flat or shared building you will need consent from all the owners of the building or their agents and if you are on a shared driveway you will need consent from the owners of all the properties on the driveway.