Are you installing smart meters during the COVID-19 response period?

Our smart meter upgrade programme has now recommenced.

If you are scheduled to get a meter upgrade, we will send you a letter to advise you about this and what you can expect.

Our staff and contractors will then be in touch to arrange a suitable time for the installation and get your approval ahead of any work taking place. They will also outline our staff and contractor Covid-19 work safe protocols. These include:

  1. Phoning ahead to confirm your appointment, arrival time, and asking health and safety questions about you and your property
  2. Maintaining at a minimum a one-meter distance from you
  3. Sanitising and cleaning any surfaces contacted thoroughly
  4. Keeping a log of all customers contacted for contact tracing

COVID-19 Alert Level 1 controls for metering workpdf | 456 kB

Depending on the location of your meter and a few other factors it takes about an hour to install your smart meter and check that everything is working properly.

Your power will need to be switched off the power during this time.

If your meter is outside and easily accessible, then in most cases we can install your new meter without you needing to be there.

If your meter is inside, or if you've advised us that you are medically dependent on your electrical supply, our staff and contractors will arrange a suitable time for the installation.

If it’s your business site, we'll arrange a suitable time for the installation.

Your responsibilities

We recommend you switch off any sensitive electrical equipment at the wall to avoid any possibility of damage if there is a power surge during the installation process. We will not be liable for any damages to this equipment due to voltage or frequency fluctuation, which can occur at any time.

You should note your safety responsibilities, as detailed in our General Terms for Residential and Commercial Energy customers.