Our aim is to read every meter, every month.

Getting your meter read regularly ensures your energy account is accurate. It also avoids us having to calculate an estimate of your energy usage. Using an estimate could mean you pay too much (or too little), which could result in an unexpected adjustment once the actual meter read is taken.

If you have a smart meter, then we’ll get your reading automatically. But if you don't have a smart meter, then we’ll need to arrange for one of our meter readers to visit your property.

Sending us a meter reading

If you would like to send us a meter reading, log in the Nova Hub, email us, go to our meter reading page, or call us on 0800 668 236.

It's important when sending us a reading that you understand how to read your meter so your reading is accurate.

Our aim is to read every meter, every month.

Getting a smart meter

Smart meters measure electricity and natural gas in more detail than the older standard meters and enable two-way communication between your meter and the us. This means:

  • You’ll get bills based on actual reads (not estimates)
  • There’s no need for meter reader visits (except for compliance checks and maintenance)
  • You’ll can get easier access to your usage data – allowing you to keep a keep closer tabs on your energy usage
  • If you have an older standard electricity meter, we’ll arrange to update it to a smart meter free of charge.

We’re currently looking at the benefits of installing natural gas smart meters. To learn more go to our smart natural gas meter trial page.

To find out more info on smart meters and their benefits click here.

Getting a smart meter