Moving house

Moving? Let us help.

Whether you’re planning to move, unpacking at your new place right now, or you’re wanting to add another property to your account, you’ve come to the right place.

We can’t help you pack, but we can help get your electricity, natural gas, broadband and mobile at your home sorted.

All you need to do is fill in a few details and we’ll take care of the rest.

Moving? Let us help.

Need power now?

If you have no power and need it urgently connected, or if anyone at your property is medically dependant on power, please call us immediately on 0800 668 236.

Need power now?
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    Multisaver Combos

    The more services you have with Nova the more you save all over with our Multisaver Combos.

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    Moving FAQ

    What's a "final read" and how much notice should you give? You'll find it here on our FAQ page. 

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    Got questions about smart meters? See our FAQs and information about metering.  

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    Dependent on electricity?

    Do you or anyone at your address depend on electricity for critical medical support? Check out our help section 

Frequent questions

How do I move house with Nova? Will my power be cut off?

No, there shouldn’t be disruptions to your energy supply. But we do recommend you let us know as early as possible.

If a house has been left unoccupied for a long period, the power supply could be shut off.  

You can register your move by filling in the House Moving Form, on the Nova Hub app, or you could call us on 07 306 2700 (or 0800 668 236).

What’s a “final read” and do I need to arrange for one?

When you move out of a property, we’ll need a final meter reading so that you’re only charged for the energy you’ve used. The meter reading at your current property should be taken on the day that you move out.

If you have a smart meter that can be read remotely, you won’t need to do anything.

To submit your final meter read, you could use:   

  1. The Nova Hub
  2. Our website's meter reading form
  3. Call us on 07 306 2700 (or 0800 668 236) or email us. 

If you’re unsure on how to read your meter, just call us on 0800 668 236 for help.

Can I keep the same pricing at my new address?

It is likely your pricing will change.

If you're moving to a different area, then your price will be different as pricing differs from region to region. Your pricing depends on several factors, including where you live, what meter set up you have, and how your property is classified.

You can check the pricing for your new property on our website or get in touch with us on 07 306 2700 (or 0800 668 236).

How do I close my account? Will there be any fees?

Only an account holder (i.e. the person(s) who’s name is on your Nova bill or those who are authorised to make decisions on the account in the case of a business account) are able to close an account.

There are no fees to close your account. However you may incur termination fees if you are on a fixed term or contract plan with us, and equipment fees may apply if you do not return our equipment (where applicable) or late fees. We also recommend checking your plan terms

To close your account and to check whether any fees or equipment charges apply, call us on 07 306 2700 (or 0800 668 236).

My new place is supplied by another power company, can I still stay with Nova?


Check out our current offers and sign up your new property using the website, our moving house form or by calling us on 07 306 2700 (or 0800 668 236).

We’re would love you to stay with us and discuss offer options available for your new home.