Can I get my bills weekly or fortnightly?

Yes! Instead of receiving your bills monthly, electricity only customers who meet our eligibility criteria can now choose to get their bills weekly or fortnightly to help make budgeting easier.

Eligibility criteria

Weekly or fortnightly billing is available to residential and business electricity customers with communicating smart electricity meters only.

Given the shorter timeframes you’ll need to:

  • Already be on, or agree to go on, one of our non-prompt payment discount price plans
  • Get your bills by email (e-bill)
  • Pay your account electronically (i.e. via direct debit, online banking, phone, EFTPOS, credit card payment or via the Nova App).

We’ll check all this when you sign up.

Sorry, you can’t go on this option if you have natural gas, broadband, phone or Plume with us just yet – but stay tuned, we’re working on it.

Billing and payment days

You’ll receive your bills on Tuesday each week or fortnight. Payment for each bill will be due 2 days from the date of invoice – which is Thursday each week or fortnight.

Billing period covered

We will take your meter readings on or around midnight Sunday each week or fortnight, so your bills will cover usage for the previous weekly or fortnightly period ending on or around midnight Sunday.

Please note your first bill may be for a longer or shorter period, depending on when you sign up for weekly or fortnightly billing. This could be due to delays caused by switching your property from another retailer or if you are an existing customer changing from monthly billing and have unbilled usage since your last monthly bill.

Similarly, any monthly bills created before you change to weekly or fortnight billing will keep their 14 days due date. This may mean your first weekly bill falls due and is taken by direct debit before your last monthly bill.

In these cases, your first bill will show the previous bill amount in the “Previous Charges” section, however we will direct debit the payment for that bill on the original due date, and the weekly or fortnightly bill amount separately as per the notification on the bill.

When going onto weekly or fortnightly billing it's just the first bill that's affected, things should go back to normal and you will be billed regularly going forward.

More information

To find out whether you are eligible for weekly for fortnightly billing call us on 0800 668 236 or send us an email at For Weekly and Fortnightly Billing Special Terms click here.