Nova's Fees

Sometimes we need to charge fees for additional services. These fees cover electricity, natural gas and broadband. They’re all inclusive of GST.

Valid from 1 February 2024.

All costs include GST.

Payment dishonour $10
Broken payment arrangement fee $30
Late payment fee $25

Over the counter payment fee
For payments made in person at NZ Post etc.
(Applies from 1 March 2024)

Credit/Debit card processing fee 1%
Paper bill fee
(Applies from 1 March 2024)

Bond Electricity Gas Broadband Dual
Residential $150 $150 $150 $300
Commercial Quoted Quoted Quoted Quoted

Electricity Gas
Meter reading
Final meter reading fee $37.50 $37.50
Special meter reading fee
(Charged where the meter reader is required to make a special visit to read the meter)
$37.50 $37.50
Attendance fee for a site visit $150 $150
Attendance fee for a meter investigation $150 $150
Meter disconnection or reconnection
Disconnection - standard meter $150 $150
Disconnection - advanced meter $25 $25
Reconnection - standard meter $150 $150
Reconnection - advanced meter $25 $25
After-hours reconnection - standard meter
(From 4.30 pm to 8.30 am or during public holiday and weekends)
$250 $250
After-hours reconnection - advanced meter
(From 4.30 pm to 8.30 am or during public holiday and weekends)
$70 $70
After-hours reconnections for multiple connections at same site Quoted Quoted
Other metering
Meter accuracy test - residential (per meter) $225 Quoted
Electricity meter resealing fee (per meter) $225 Quoted
Meter site verification $225 Quoted
Meter reconfiguration / upgrade/ downgrade Quoted Quoted
Electricity meter relocation / shift (per meter) $225 Quoted
Electricity Builder's Temporary Supply (BTS) Quoted Quoted
New ICP connection Quoted Quoted
Combining meters Quoted Quoted
Adding a meter $225 Quoted
Meter change / replacement $225 Quoted
Temporary disconnection and reconnection for safety $150 $150
Meter removal $225 Quoted
Permanent disconnection Quoted Quoted
Faults visits (non network)
Emergency faults call out fee (if no fault found) $225 $225
Emergency faults call out fee - after-hours (if no fault found) $225 $225

Broadband and Phone
Residential Standard ONT relocation
(up to 20 meters from original location)
Residential ONT relocation - after hours
(After 5pm weekdays or weekends and public holidays (up to 20 meters from original location)
Commercial ONT relocation $425
Broadband non-standard Installation Costs
(Where additional work is required to complete connection)
Faults call out fee (if no fault found) $170
Telco Field Technician Investigation Fee $170
Customer Fault Restoration Fee - Telco
(Where the customer has requested work to be undertaken to resolve a fault at their end)
Late Cancellation or Access Issue
(Where work is unable to be completed after a technician has gone to site)
Equipment fee (per NetComm NF18ACV) $129
Equipment fee (per Nokia Beacon 2) $99
Equipment fee (per Grandstream HT812 2-port ATA) $89