What is the process to upgrade to Fibre?

We will organise this with you. It is a three-stage process if your home hasn’t had fibre installed previously, starting with a visit to your property from a Local Fibre Company technician. The technician will discuss how best to connect fibre to your property with you and you will be asked to approve the connection plan.

Next, they will carry out the external build work to get you connected before returning to install your internal fibre equipment. The technician will test that your connection works and ensure that you are up and running.

Will I need to wait at the property for a technician?

This will be dependent on your Local Fibre Company but our Nova connect team will guide you through this and ensure you know whether you need to be on site or not.

How long will it take?

Generally (unless you are a special case) a fibre upgrade takes up to 21 days. Special situations include where the Local Fibre Company needs to gain permission for fibre to cross private property or where permission is required from a landlord. We will work to make sure any delays are communicated to you and minimised.