Outages and Faults

Power Outages

How do I stay safe in a power outage?

In the event of a power outage, please remember all power lines and connections should be treated as live at all times.

  • Keep well clear of all powerlines, even if it is a planned outage power could be restored sooner than specified
  • Turn off any sensitive equipment, like computers
  • Turn off all heat-producing appliances like heaters
  • Treat all power points as live at all times

Have a backup plan if your health depends on your electricity

If you or someone you know is medically dependent on power please check in on them and ensure their backup plan is working.

Remember to contact 111 if you have concerns for the health and safety of anyone.

Do you have a power fault?

Our Contact Centre operates 24/7 for fault reporting on 0800 668 236

Who do I contact if my power goes out?

See the map below for outages information and who to contact in your area.

How do I find out about current outages?

For up to date information on your area, you can check outages on your local Network Companies website

Check which Network Company supplies your area.