Vulnerable consumer

Vulnerable Consumer

A vulnerable consumer is someone who, for reasons of age, health or disability, the disconnection of electricity presents a clear threat to that person, or a member of their household’s health or wellbeing and/or it is genuinely difficult for the customer to pay his or her electricity bills because of severe financial insecurity whether temporary or permanent.

If you consider you or a member of your household is a vulnerable consumer please call us on 0800 668 236 to discuss payment or supply options.

Alternative Contact

You might want to supply us with the details of an alternative contact. This might be someone like a family member, a friend or a social agency who has agreed to assist you to communicate with us or manage your payments. They will not be held financially responsible for your account. You can have more than one contact, but you must have their agreement that they are willing to talk to us and make decisions on your behalf.