Medical Dependency

Are you or a member of your household Medically Dependent on mains electricity?

If you or anyone in your household is medically dependent on electricity please contact us. A medically dependent consumer is someone who is dependent on mains electricity for critical medical support, where loss of electricity might result in serious harm to them.

Critical medical equipment includes, but is not limited to, renal dialysis machines, ventilators and oxygen concentrators and can also include non-medical equipment needed to support medical treatment (i.e. a microwave to heat fluids for renal dialysis).

The medical dependency will be recorded against your account so that you stay connected (unless it is a situation outside of our control, for which you will need a back-up plan).

To register Medical Dependency

If you or a member of your household is medically dependent (such as you – the person that pays the electricity bill – a child or any other person that normally lives at the property), please let us know as soon as possible by following these steps:

  1. Call us on 0800 668 236 so that we can update our records.
  2. Arrange for a Notice of Potential MDC Status form (“MDC Form”) to be completed by your healthcare provider to confirm that you or a member of your household is medically dependent.
  3. Post or email a copy of the MDC Form to us.

Your healthcare provider will need to complete a Notice of Potential Medical Dependency Status Form. This form can be downloaded here.

Notice of potential medical dependencypdf | 497 kB

Once completed, scan and email a copy to us at, or post it to

Nova Energy
PO Box 404
Whakatane 3158

Essential Backup Plan and Safety

Your electricity supply cannot be guaranteed 100% of the time. Bad weather or a fault could mean you lose power, so it is important that you have a backup plan in place. Your backup plan could include a backup power supply, a battery or generator, torch, an analogue phone, going to a friend or family member’s home who has power or, in an emergency, calling an ambulance. If you rely on electricity for medical equipment we also suggest you contact your local hospital, GP or the supplier of any essential equipment to discuss backup options.

If for any reason you are without supply, please do not attempt to reconnect this yourself.

In the event of a civil emergency, initiate your backup plan. For guidance, please refer to the civil defence information here.

Please note than in an emergency the operation of any naked flame indoors is not recommended. 

Vulnerable Consumer

A vulnerable consumer is someone who, for reasons of age, health or disability, the disconnection of electricity presents a clear threat to that person, or a member of their household’s health or wellbeing and/or it is genuinely difficult for the customer to pay his or her electricity bills because of severe financial insecurity whether temporary or permanent.

If you consider you or a member of your household is a vulnerable consumer please call us on 0800 668 236 to discuss payment or supply options.

Alternative Contact

You might want to supply us with the details of an alternative contact. This might be someone like a family member, a friend or a social agency who has agreed to assist you to communicate with us or manage your payments. They will not be held financially responsible for your account. You can have more than one contact, but you must have their agreement that they are willing to talk to us and make decisions on your behalf.

Budgeting Advice and Social Agencies

You can always call us to discuss payment options on 0800 668 236. For further financial advice there are free budgeting services in almost every community in New Zealand. For details on your local service or for more information call 0800 345 123 weekdays 8am to 8pm and Saturdays 10am to 2pm or visit or You may also want to contact Work and Income on 0800 559 009 or visit to find out if you are entitled to financial assistance.

Nova’s payment options

We offer a range of ways to pay your Nova Energy account including variable direct debit, where the total amount of your bill is automatically paid from your bank account or your credit card on the due date. We also offer a fixed-rate direct debit where a set amount is paid on a regular basis, as well as internet banking, telephone banking and automatic payment options.