Getting a smart meter installed

When will I get my smart meter installed?

We have installed smart meters to many of our customers and our deployment process is on-going.

We’ll be in touch to advise when we’ll be installing a smart meter at your property.

If you would like a smart meter sooner, you can enquire about getting one earlier by calling us on 07 306 2700 (or 0800 668 236). A service fee may apply. We’ll let you know if it does.

Will the power be switched off when you install my smart meter?

Yes. Depending on the location of your meter and a few other factors it takes about an hour to install your smart meter and check that everything is working properly. Your power will need to switch off the power during this time.

It’s important you let us know if anyone in your home is medically dependant on electricity and you have not previously let us know, so we can make suitable arrangements.

We also recommend you switch off any sensitive electrical equipment at the wall to avoid any possibility of damage if there is a power surge (voltage or frequency fluctuations) during the installation process.

Do I have to be at the property when my smart meter is installed?

If your meter is outside and easily accessible, then in most cases we can install your new meter without you needing to be there.

If your meter is inside, or if you've advised us that you are medically dependent on your electrical supply, our staff and contractors will arrange a suitable time for the installation.

If it’s your business site, we'll arrange a suitable time for the installation.

What happens to my bill once I get my smart meter installed?

We’ll do our best to ensure your bill and billing date is not affected following your upgrade to a smart meter.

You may also wish to change to a more suitable bill date, provided you don’t have any other services with us such as natural gas or broadband.