How does Voicemail work while Roaming?

To help you avoid unintended roaming costs, Voicemail is turned off by default while you’re roaming overseas.

However, if you do need Voicemail, you have two options below. Please be aware that using Voicemail while overseas will likely incur roaming charges.

  1. Set up Call Forwarding on your device to +64266820002. All incoming calls will then be automatically diverted to Voicemail at no charge.
  2. Set up Conditional Call Forwarding so that Voicemail works like it does in New Zealand.
  • Dial *004*266820002**30# from your phone to activate.
  • Dial ##004# to cancel.

You can retrieve your messages while overseas by calling +64266820001 and entering your Voicemail PIN. Roaming charges apply.

Important: Unanswered inbound calls that go to your Voicemail while using Conditional Call Forwarding also incur roaming charges. You will be charged for the inbound call to your phone, then also charged for the redirected call through to your Voicemail. If you then choose to listen to your messages, roaming charges also apply for the call back to the New Zealand based Voicemail service.