Multisaver Plans

Kiwis love a good combo

Our Multisaver Plans give you discounted pricing when you bundle two or more eligible services with us.

Not only will you receive our lowest pricing, you'll love the flexibility to mix and match any of our services to suit your household. Plus, it’s available for both new and existing customers too!

Enjoy the convenience of one bill for all your services. Eligible services include mobile, broadband, electricity, and natural gas.

Special Terms apply.

Kiwis love a good combo

How it works

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    Step 2

    Choose your services.

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    Step 3

    Select the Multisaver Plan. And enjoy discounted pricing.

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    Discounted pricing

    Our Multisaver Plan helps you save when you bundle two or more eligible services with us

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    All on one easy bill

    Make life easier, get all your services on one easy bill

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    No break fees

    You’re not locked in if you move or if your needs change

Frequent questions

Where can I view my Multisaver Plan rates?

To see your Multisaver prices, enter your address here

Below is an example of a single Electricity Plan compared to the lower Electricity Multisaver pricing.

Multisaver Plan


I am an existing Nova customer, can I change to a Multisaver Plan?

Yes, provided you’re not on a fixed term plan, you can change to our Multisaver Plans at any time by getting in touch with us and agreeing to Multisaver Plan terms.

I have three mobile SIMs with Nova. Do I qualify for the Mobile Multisaver Plan?

No, you need to have two or more eligible services with us to qualify for our Multisaver pricing. Mobile counts as one service, even if you have multiple SIMs. Our eligible services include electricity, natural gas, broadband and mobile. 

I have two electricity connections at the same address. Can I get Multisaver?

No sorry. To qualify for Multisaver you must have two or more "different" eligible services at the same address and on the same account.

I've got two separate properties, each with an electricity service. Does that qualify for Multisaver discounts?

No, you need two or more eligible services at the same address and on the same account e.g. electricity and natural gas, or broadband and mobile.

Where can I see the Multisaver discounts on my bill?

Our Multisaver Plan pricing will always be lower than the 'single' service pricing. Because the Multisaver discounts are built into your plan pricing, you won't see a separate discount line on your bill.


I'm an existing customer with electricity and broadband. Will I receive Multisaver discounts automatically?

No, you'll need to change to our Multisaver Plans for each service. The Multisaver Plans come with Special Terms which you need to agree to – so we can’t automatically change you onto these plans.