Simplifying our broadband charges

From 25 October 2023 we will be making some changes to the broadband charge descriptions on our invoices.

We are simplifying our charge descriptions to make it easier for customers to see what plan they're on.

Customers on our Broadband Multisaver Plan, for example, will now see their plan name on their bill.

Similarly, customers on our Fibre Boost plans will now see just one charge line, rather than two separate charges.

We are also amending the broadband and phone charge dates for a small number of customers - to make it easier for customers with multiple broadband connections to keep track of things, and to ensure they receive one bill a month for their services.

In some cases where we have had to alter phone charge dates, customers will see a small account credit on their bill, to align with their other broadband service billing dates. These credits will be clearly marked on the affected customers' accounts.

More information

If you have queries about these changes email us or call us on 07 306 2700 (or 0800 668 236).