Broadband only

Enjoy unlimited broadband with no fixed term or early termination fees.


  • $95/month unlimited ADSL/VDSL or Fibre
  • Fibre customers can upgrade to Fibre Boost for an extra $14 per month
  • Powerful WiFi  available on eligible fibre connections (excludes home phone customers)
  • No fixed term, no early termination fees

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Enjoy unlimited broadband with no fixed term or early termination fees.

Frequent questions

Can I use my own modem?

When you sign up for broadband, we’ll provide you with a router or modem to use. This will be based on your connection type and selected services.

You can use your own modem/router so long as:

a) it’s capable of the PPPoE networking protocol; and
b) it works for the type of broadband connection you have (ADSL, VDSL or Fibre)
c) it hasn’t been locked by a previous broadband supplier; and
d) you don’t require a VoIP home phone service from us.

Beyond providing the settings needed to connect your modem to our network, we cannot support or troubleshoot Wi-Fi and network performance if you’ve chosen to use your own modem.

If you’re having technical difficulties with your own modem, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Will an upgrade to Fibre cause any interruption to my internet?

Possibly. Some of the upgrade processes are required to be completed during business hours. Nova will work with you and the Local Fibre Company to minimise any interruptions; however, we cannot make any absolute guarantees.

You may experience a small period of down time (a few hours at most) when your services are transferred from your current provided to Nova. We will contact you on the day of your transfer to help you get connected and make sure you are up and running.

Do I need to contact my current provider?

Yes, it’s your responsibility to contact your current service provider to advise them you’re switching to us and to cancel your account with them. You should do this once you receive an email from us confirming your estimated service start date.

Ask your current provider to continue to provide you with service until this date. It’s also a good idea to check any T&Cs you may have signed up to in case there is a specific notice period. Some providers have 30-day notice periods.