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Add a VoIP home phone service to any broadband plan

Phone services

Our home phone plan is only available with a Nova broadband plan and uses voice over internet (VoIP) technology which means you’ll no longer have a fixed (copper) landline for calling.

Your calls will be delivered over your internet connection rather than the existing copper landline. VoIP handsets are connected to the internet via the modem while the copper phone handsets are connected to the copper phone network by a phone jack.

If you have a service such as a monitored security and/or medical alarm, life-support or other critical-support devices, or any service/device that requires a copper landline phone:

  • Check with your supplier or the manufacture to see if the device will work with our internet and phone services.
  • Test the alarm works once Nova has transferred your services.
  • Contact your supplier if you have any issues with the alarm.

St John’s offer wireless medical alarms. Before signing with us, give them a call to discuss your options.

If you rely on a medical alarm, life-support or other critical-support or monitored service, and the provider of these services cannot guarantee its compatibility with our internet/phone services, you should NOT sign up for our phone services.

    Phone services