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Plume WiFi optimiser

Powerful WiFi

Everyone loves fast and reliable WiFi. But as more devices connect to your network and stream more content, you may start to experience slower performance.

To help bring you the best possible internet experience, we’ve partnered with Plume® to optimise your WiFi and give you more control over what goes on in your home.

Get our Plume Starter Pack for $300 (incl. GST) and together with a $9.99 (incl. GST) monthly membership fee, you’ll be taking WiFi to another level.

PLUS, pay nothing up front and get the first three months on us with our free 3-month trial.*


Our Plume Service includes:

Plume Starter Pack
2x SuperPods $300 (incl. GST and delivery)
Plume Membership
$9.99 per month (incl. GST)
Free 3-month trial period Additional SuperPods
$150 each (incl. GST and delivery)

Start your free trial today.

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or call us on 0800 668 236 

*Eligibility criteria and Plume Special Terms apply.


What is Plume?

Plume acts as mission control for your home WiFi network. It helps fill every inch of your home with the strongest possible signal and puts you in control of all your home’s wireless experiences.

What is Plume video

Fast and reliable WiFi

Plume Adaptive WiFi™ is always learning about how you use WiFi. It allocates capacity based on the needs of your devices to keep your connections strong and your movies streaming.

Family protection

Plume AI Security helps filter out suspicious 
content and if you have children, you can limit access to certain websites and even schedule time-outs for specific devices.

Personalised control

Plume's HomePass® allows you to view your home WiFi performance and personalise who gets on your network. Set-up guest passwords and customise varying levels of access.

Powerful inside

Beautifully designed and packed with intelligence, SuperPods plug straight into any power outlet and give the strongest signal possible with tri-band technology and a Quadcore processor. 

Easy to use

Setting up and managing your home WiFi network is a breeze. Just download the Plume WiFi App from Google Play or the Apple App Store and follow the simple set-up instructions.


For less than the price of a takeaway coffee each week, you’ll receive the full benefits of a Plume membership, future-proofed with updates, upgrades and new features.

The Plume WiFi app is available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

 Google PlayApp Store



Q: Do I have to sign up to a contract Term for the Plume Service?
A: No. You can start and stop the Plume Service at any time.

Q: Do I have to have my broadband and/or energy with Nova to get Plume?
A: No. You can get Nova’s Plume Service as a stand-alone product.

Q: What happens if I move to a new house?
A: No problem. You can simply take your SuperPods with you and plug them in at your new home.

Q: If I cancel my Plume Service, is there any cancellation fee?
A: No. You can stop the Plume Service at any time. However, if you cancel the service during the free trial period and don’t return the SuperPods to us within 30 days, a $300 (including GST) non-return fee applies.

Q: What are the technical specifications of the SuperPods?
A: The technical specifications of the SuperPods can be found in the Support section on the Plume website.

Q: Why is the pricing and membership options different on the Plume website?
A: Plume Design Inc. is an international brand based in the United States. Their official website is designed for the American market and features USD pricing and options that may not be available in other countries. Nova Energy is an authorised re-seller of Plume in New Zealand and the product is available here at the NZD price detailed on our website.

Q: How often will I be billed?
A: You will be billed a recurring membership fee of $9.99 (including GST) from month 4 onwards, unless cancelled within the free trial period. There will also be a one-off charge of $300 (including GST) for the SuperPods in month 4.

Q: Will I ever be partly charged for my Plume Service?
A: The Plume Service is typically billed as a monthly fee in advance. If you cancel your Plume Service before the end of your monthly charge period, you may still need to pay for that full monthly charge period. You will continue to receive the full benefits of the Plume Service until the end of your monthly charge period.

Q: What WiFi speeds can I expect with Plume?
A: WiFi speeds will vary depending on several factors, such as your internet connection speed, overall network traffic, types of network applications, radio interference and the WiFi capability of your devices.

Q. How easy is Plume to set-up?
A: Setting up and managing Plume is a breeze. You just need to download the Plume WiFi app from the Google Play or the Apple App Store and follow the simple set-up instructions.

Q. Is there anything else I need to do to use the Plume Service?
A: You’ll just need an active internet connection and a device capable of downloading and using the Plume WiFi App. The SuperPods will work best if there are less WiFi signals to compete with in your home. So once you’ve set up your Plume network, we recommend turning off any existing WiFi signals e.g. from your modem. If you get your broadband from Nova, you’ll need to call us to arrange turning off the WiFi on your modem.

Q. Can I buy Plume from anywhere else?
A: No. At present, Nova Energy is the only licence-holder for Plume in New Zealand.