Powerful WiFi

Powerful WiFi made easy

Enjoy seamless WiFi coverage all over your home with the power of WiFi 6 and the latest mesh technology from Nokia.

Say goodbye to weak signals and interference spoiling your movie night. Join us on a naked fibre broadband plan and you’ll receive twin Nokia Beacons to help spread powerful WiFi all over your home.


Powerful WiFi made easy

Whole home coverage

Our Beacons work together to create a mesh system, blanketing your home in fast and reliable WiFi. And they’re EasyMeshTM certified.

Each Beacon delivers signal range of up to 140m2 so for most homes, you’ll be well covered with our standard twin pack.

    Whole home coverage

    Frequent questions

    Do I need a fibre connection?

    Yes. Our Nokia Beacons only work with a fibre connection. If you don’t have fibre at your place, we recommend getting it installed if available in your area.

    For ADSL or VDSL connections, we can provide you with a standard NetComm modem (NF18ACV) or you can choose to use your own equipment if it’s compatible with our network.
    Can I use my own router? 

    What if I also want a VoIP home phone service?

    Our Nokia Beacons are not compatible with a home phone service. If you choose to add a home phone service, we will provide you with a standard NetComm modem (NF18ACV) as well as twin cordless handsets.

    How do I set up my Beacons?

    Setting up your Nokia Beacons is simple, to get started use our quick start guide below.

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    How many LAN ports are on the Nokia Beacon 2?

    There is one LAN port available on each Beacon. It can be used to directly connect a device via Ethernet cable for faster performance. If you need to connect multiple devices via ethernet, you might like to consider purchasing a multi-port switch.

    What are the technical specifications of the Nokia Beacon 2?
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    Why is a mesh system better than a range extender or repeater?

    WiFi extenders and repeaters can help extend your wireless connection, but they do so in slightly different ways and can create new issues.

    A repeater rebroadcasts your signal by creating a new network connection that you need to join in different areas of your home. While that can increase WiFi coverage, it also reduces bandwidth of your original network and becomes a hassle when moving around your home.

    An extender, on the other hand, does not create a new network, but instead connects to your network via cable. Using a wired connection won’t impact your WiFi bandwidth but can be a problem if you don’t want to install cabling throughout your home.

    We recommend a mesh system, like our Nokia Beacons, which extend WiFi connectivity by using multiple nodes that work together to create one giant network. This provides the best of both worlds, seamless wireless coverage and better overall performance.

    Can I choose my own WiFi network name and password?

    A default SSID and password is displayed on the base of the Beacon connected to your fibre ONT. However, if you’d like to change these credentials, you can do this in the Nova Hub.

    Can I use my own router?

    If you have a naked fibre connection, we recommend using our Powerful WiFi Nokia Beacons. However, if you really love your existing home WiFi system, you can keep using it so long as:
    a) it’s capable of PPPoE networking protocol; and
    b) it works with the type of broadband connection you have (ADSL, VDSL or Fibre)
    c) it hasn’t been locked by a previous broadband supplier; and
    d) you don’t require a VoIP home phone service from us.

    Beyond providing the settings needed to connect your equipment to our network, we cannot support or troubleshoot WiFi and network performance if you’ve chosen to use your own equipment.

    If you’re having technical difficulties with your own router or modem, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

    What do the LED colours on the Nokia Beacon mean?

    Blue – network connection is good.

    White – the unit is booting up. The light may pulse while establishing connection.

    Red – no connection to the internet. The light may pulse during factory reset or connecting.

    Yellow – link quality to the main router Beacon is poor. Move the Beacon closer to the main router Beacon.

    Do I get to keep the Nokia Beacons?

    The Nokia Beacons are free for you to use while you have your broadband service with us. If you decide to end your broadband service, we will ask you to return our equipment in good working condition. Please note a $15 delivery fee applies when we send you our equipment. However, there is no charge to return our equipment.

    What happens if I don’t return the Beacons?
    If you end your broadband service and fail to return our equipment within 30 days (or return it damaged), we may charge you a $99 equipment fee per Beacon.