Home generation

Generating electricity at home?

If you generate your own electricity, and you are a Nova Energy residential customer, we can pay you for the excess power you generate or ‘export’.

Our current export buy-back rate is:

7.4 cents per kWh*

*This export rate excludes GST and any applicable prompt payment discount. It is effective 1 September 2018 and is subject to change with 30 days’ notice.

Nova Energy’s buy-back rate applies to all excess or exported domestic electricity generation, produced by solar panels, wind and small hydro schemes rated to generate up to 10kW.

We set our buy-back rate to take into account the average price we pay for electricity on the New Zealand wholesale market. (Our buy-back rate is lower than the price you pay for your electricity because this includes other pricing elements such as network charges and our operating costs).

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    Generating electricity at home?

    Frequent questions

    How can I generate electricity from my home?

    There are a number of ways to generate your own electricity depending upon your location and situation. The most common method of generation is by installing solar panels, followed by small wind turbines and micro-hydro schemes, found more commonly in rural areas.

    How do I get started?
    Nova Energy doesn't sell solar panels, wind, or hydro generation systems. We recommend you contact a specialist provider to discuss the best solution to suit your home’s energy needs. In many cases these providers will assist you with the consenting process with your local network if you are thinking of generating power and exporting this into the network (a key requirement for all exported generation). They often also arrange a qualified electrician to install a special two-way import/export meter. If you don’t have a two-way meter in place at the moment please call us on 0800 668 236 to discuss your requirements. We can also assist you with two-way meter installations. 

    How will you pay me for my exported generation?

    Residential customers will see the amount of export generation you’re selling to us on the back of their electricity invoice from 1 September 2018. The export rate is 7.4 cents per kWh. Please note Nova Energy does not currently offer a standard buy-back rate for businesses who generate excess electricity.

    Will my pricing plan remain the same if I install a home generation system?

    Yes, however please note we are unable to calculate buy-back rates prior to a two way meter being installed or before being notified of this installation from your electrician or electricity network.

    How will I know if my home’s generation rating is greater than 10kW?

    Your generation equipment installer or electrician will be able to tell you the generation capacity of your solar panels, wind or hydro generation equipment. Your network connection/approval permission form may also state your generation rating level.
    Note: As a general rule most residential solar installations (the most common form of household electricity generation in New Zealand) are rated under 5kW.