Multisaver Combos

The more products you have with Nova, the more you save all over.

Kiwis love a good combo. Our Multisaver Combos allow you to unlock lower broadband and natural gas pricing when you also have electricity at the same property and on the same account.

These plans also allow you to stay flexible, with no fixed term or termination fees.

How the Multisaver Combo plans work

We have three different residential Multisaver Combos options – allowing you to choose the combo that works for you.

How to sign up

  1. If you're already a Nova customer, email or call us on 0800 668 236. We may need to change your current Plans so you can benefit from our Multisaver pricing. 
  2. If you're new to Nova, sign up to either our Electricity Plan or Off-Peak Electricity Plan. 
  3. Add our Broadband and/or Natural Gas Multisaver Plans at the same address. 
  4. Enjoy your savings
The more products you have with Nova, the more you save all over.

Broadband for just $69/month

Frequent questions

I am an existing Nova customer, can I get the Multisaver Combo?

Yes. If you already have your electricity with us, you can add broadband or natural gas at the same property on a Multisaver plan.

If you already have broadband or natural gas with us now, you can change to a Multisaver plan provided you are not on a fixed term plan.

Do I get to keep the Nokia Beacons?

The Nokia Beacons are free for you to use while you have your broadband service with us. If you decide to end your broadband service, we will ask you to return our equipment in good working condition.

Please note a $15 delivery fee applies when we send you our equipment. However, there is no charge to return our equipment.

If you end your broadband service and fail to return our equipment within 30 days (or return it damaged), we may charge you a $99 equipment fee per Beacon.