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Smart Home Internet and Phone Plan Special Terms

The supply of Internet and Phone services under the Smart Home Internet and Phone Plan (“Plan”) is in accordance with Nova Energy’s General Terms and Conditions for Residential Internet only or Internet and Phone Customers (“General Terms” which are available at, which are varied in accordance with the following special terms (“Special Terms”):

  1. This offer only applies to selected residential customers in Nova supplied regions who sign up to this Plan before 31 July 2019 and who meet Nova Energy’s pre-acceptance checks.  
  2. To be and remain eligible for this Plan you must use the Nova supplied modem and phone handset(s).

The Plan 

  1. On this Plan you will receive: 
    Smart Home – Internet & Phone option:
    a)    a modem and twin cordless phone handsets, delivered free of charge;
    b)    unlimited internet and phone calls to NZ landlines, subject to our Fair Use policy (see term 13 below);
    c)    free telephone number transfer; and
    d)    a choice of either a 12 Month Term or an Open Term plan. 
     Smart Home – Internet Only option:
    a)    a modem, delivered free of charge;
    b)    unlimited internet usage, subject to our Fair Use policy (see term 13 below); and
    c)    a choice of either a 12 Month Term or an Open Term plan.
  2. If you sign up to a 12 Month Term you will also receive a $300 account credit (including GST) for each Internet account you sign up on your first Nova Energy invoice. This account credit is not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable, and no cash alternative is available.
  3. The following early termination fee and/or equipment charge may apply:
    a)    If you are on a 12 Month Term plan and end the plan before the end of its term, an early termination fee of $200 (including GST) may apply. 
    b)    If you are on an Open Term plan and leave within six months a charge of $100 (including GST) may apply if the supplied modem and/or phone handset(s) are not returned to us (either during the term for any reason or when you cease to be our customer) in a good working condition.
    However, if you move properties and sign up with Nova Energy at your new property, the early termination fee/equipment charge detailed may be waived at Nova Energy’s absolute discretion. Please note depending on where you move to, Nova Energy may not be able to provide you with exactly the same services you currently have – it all depends on what’s available at your new property.

Installation and plan services

  1. Installation is free for standard residential internet and phone connection set-ups. Additional charges may apply to non-standard installations, and for changes/upgrades to connections or for additional services. We will let you know if any additional charges apply to you.
  2. Fibre is not available everywhere. To get fibre installed a technician from your local fibre company may need to visit your property to determine whether fibre is available. Where it is not available we will set your home up on the connection relevant for your property. Where it is available, you agree:
    a)    to allow us, the local fibre company, and our/their respective contractors’ and representatives access to your property (as reasonably required); 
    b)    that any equipment installed by us or your local fibre company at your property remains the sole property of us/the local fibre company (as the case may be); and
    c)    to be bound by the applicable end-user terms of your local fibre company (a copy of which can be provided to you on request).
  3. Stated speeds are based on theoretical maximums, and actual speeds will vary. 
  4. This Plan uses voice over internet (VoIP) technology which means you’ll no longer have a fixed landline for your calling.  Instead your calls will be delivered over your internet connection.
  5. You will need to make sure any of your existing or future services/devices supplied by a third party – such as monitored security and medical alarms, and any service/device that requires an analogue phone line – will work with our internet and phone services. You may need to contact your relevant third-party service/device provider to arrange continued service and support, at your own cost. If you rely on a medical alarm, life-support or other critical-support or monitored service, and your existing third-party service provider cannot guarantee its compatibility with our internet/phone services, you should not sign up for our services.
  6. If there is a power or internet outage or other internet-disabling event (such as impeded wireless range within your home, equipment being disconnected from wall sockets etc.) you will not be able to make calls over Nova’s phone service, including emergency 111 calls
    We recommend you maintain or have access to a mobile phone service and keep a charged mobile phone at your premises in case you need access to 111 and other emergency call services in cases of service disruption. 
  7. If you or anyone in your household is, or becomes dependant on a home phone line for critical medical support please contact us.  

Plan data and call use 

  1. Nova Energy’s fair use policy applies to its unlimited data and call usage on this Plan and is available at 
  2. Unlimited calling is for standard person-to-person calls to standard NZ landlines and mobiles. Calls to “0900”, “018”, “0161”, “0172” and “059” numbers, switched digital (data) calls, collect calls, audio conferencing, and calling card calls are excluded.
  3. Calls to NZ mobile numbers are only available by adding a separate NZ Mobile Calling Package.
  4. Calls to international numbers are only available by adding a separate International Calling Package.
  5. If you purchase Nova’s International Calling Package, this only provides calling to selected international landlines in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland (Republic), Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Venezuela, United Kingdom, USA. If you try to call landlines in any other countries or any international mobile number then these calls will not work.
  6. This Plan cannot be used for auto-dialling or multiple simultaneous calling, continuous call forwarding, telesales, call centres, voicemail broadcasting, spamming or any other activity we reasonably consider to be non-standard usage, in Nova’s sole discretion.

Effective 17 September 2018