Business Smart Energy Plan Special Terms

The supply of electricity under this Business Smart Energy Electricity Plan (“Plan”) is in accordance with Nova Energy’s General Terms and Conditions for Commercial Customers (“General Terms”) which are available at and the following special terms (“Special Terms”):

  1. This offer only applies to selected new and existing business electricity customers.
  2. To be eligible for this Plan you must: a) have an advanced (smart) electricity meter installed at your property that Nova Energy deems suitable for the Plan; and b) receive your energy bill by email (e-Bill).
  3. On this Plan, the Nova Energy components in the Daily Charge and the Variable Charge(s) of your Flat Rate and Time of Day pricing are fixed until 31 March 2022 (“Term”). However, Nova Energy may adjust your pricing:
    a) due to changes in third party costs, for example network company, transmission and metering charges (which may apply to both the Daily Charge and the Variable Charge components);
    b) due to changes in: taxes (e.g., GST); levies (including the Electricity Authority Levy); any relevant assessment, duty, charge or withholding on electricity supplied under this Plan; or due to any other governmental or regulatory changes; and/or
    c) if, for any reason, the information Nova Energy has relied on to set the pricing is incorrect and/or requires amendment (e.g. if your metering set-up or capacity and/or your pricing category is incorrect or changes during the Term).
  4. At the end of the Term, you will be moved to new pricing applicable for your area and metering set-up. We will notify you in writing of this new pricing.

Electricity Pricing set-ups

  1. On this Plan there are two electricity pricing set-ups:
    a) “Flat Rate”, when you select our Flat Rate pricing set-up you pay the same price for electricity whenever you use it; and
    b) “Time of Day”, when you select the Time of Day pricing set-up there are three time periods each with a different price. You pay for electricity at the price applicable to the time period in which you use it. It is important to note only one of these two pricing set-ups can apply at a time (and to any individual monthly invoice).
  2. You may request to change your electricity pricing set-up between our applicable Flat Rate pricing and our Time of Day pricing, up to a maximum of two times during the Term.
  3. All pricing set-up changes requested in accordance with clause 6 will be applied to the next full billing period. We will not backdate any pricing set-up changes.


  1. If you end the Plan for any reason before the end of the Term an early termination fee may apply in respect of each Installation Control Point (“ICP”) switched away from Nova Energy during the Term. If applied, the early termination fee will be calculated from the date you started the Plan for each respective ICP being switched away, and will comprise:
    a) an Administration Fee of $100 (excluding GST); and
    b) a Variable Fee of $200 (excluding GST) which reduces by $20 for every full 30 day period that the ICP has been on the Plan. For the avoidance of doubt, there will be no part reduction for part 30 day periods.
  2. The early termination fee under this Plan will not apply in circumstances where you switch away from Nova Energy within 30 days of receiving a notice of: any changes to the pricing of this Plan in accordance with clause 3(c) above; or any material changes to our General Terms.
  3. This Plan cannot be transferred to a different property and will end if you move (in which case the early termination fee may apply if you move during the Term). However, if you move properties and sign up with Nova Energy at your new property, the early termination fee may be waived at our absolute discretion.


  1. If you are on our Time of Day pricing set-up, we will endeavour to take remote readings of your smart meter at regular intervals. However, if we are unable to obtain your smart meter data remotely, we may:
    a) move you to our applicable Flat Rate pricing set-up until we are able to do so; or
    b) estimate the missing smart meter data for the relevant period based on a reasonable assessment of your normal electricity use for similar time periods in the past, and subsequently adjust your account (if necessary) after obtaining the missing smart meter data (if available).
  2. This Plan is only available for selected business price categories and/or meter set-ups in Nova Energy supplied regions. It does not apply to or include residential, industrial or Time of Use (TOU) sites; electricity charges, distributed generation (i.e. solar export) pricing; or our standard fees and charges.
  3. There is no prompt payment discount available on this Plan. If you do not pay an invoice by the due date, you may be charged a late payment fee (and/or other applicable fees/charges relating to overdue payment or debt collection) in accordance with our Service Fee Schedule published on our website.
  4. Standard acceptance criteria apply. If there is a conflict between our General Terms and the Special Terms of this Plan set out above, the Special Terms of this Plan will apply.
  5. We reserve the right to change or withdraw this Plan at any time without notice.