Off-Peak Electricity Plan Special Terms

The supply of electricity under this Off-Peak Plan (“Plan”) is in accordance with Nova Energy’s General Terms and Conditions for Residential Customers which are available at (“General Terms”) and the following special terms (“Special Terms”):

  1. This Plan is only available to residential electricity customers who:
    a) have an eligible and actively communicating smart electricity meter; and
    b) live in a region where this Plan is available*
  2. On this Plan your pricing will be split into either:
    a) ‘Peak’, and ‘Off-Peak’ times; or
    b) ‘Peak’, ‘Shoulder’ and ‘Off-Peak’ times
    * Visit for a list of the regions where the Off-Peak Plan is available and your applicable ‘Peak’, ‘Off-Peak’ and ‘Shoulder’ times.
    Please note: in some regions, Off-Peak pricing does not apply to Controlled meter or Night meter electricity consumption. Your usage and charges for these meters will be billed separately.
  3. Your pricing on this Plan is not fixed and is subject to change from time to time. We will notify you if your pricing changes.
  4. We may also adjust your pricing if, for any reason, the information we have relied on to set your pricing is incorrect and/or requires amendment (e.g., if your metering set-up or capacity and/or your pricing category is incorrect or changes).
  5. This Plan cannot be transferred to a different property and will end if you move.
  6. While you are on this Plan, we will endeavor to take remote readings of your smart meter at regular intervals. However, there may be times when we need to estimate your electricity usage, for example, where the meter fails to communicate actual read data. Where this occurs for a sustained period, we may need to:
    a) estimate the missing smart meter data for the relevant period based on a reasonable assessment of your normal electricity use for similar time periods in the past, and subsequently adjust your account (if necessary) after obtaining the missing smart meter data (if available) or
    b) move you to another Plan and pricing until we are able to remotely access and read your smart meter data.
    We will notify you should this occur.
  7. This Plan is only available in selected regions. It does not apply to or include business or industrial sites, unmetered electricity charges, or to distributed generation (i.e., solar export) pricing.\
  8. There is no prompt payment discount available on this Plan. A late payment fee of $25 may apply if you don’t pay your bill on time.
  9. Standard acceptance criteria apply. Our standard fees and additional service charges (published on our website) also apply.
  10. We reserve the right to change or withdraw this Plan, at any time, without notice.