Smart EV Charger Offer Special Terms

The supply and installation of a Smart EV Charger (“EV Charger”) under this EV Charger Offer (“Offer”) is in accordance with:

  • Nova Energy’s General Terms and Conditions for Residential Energy Customers / General Terms and Conditions Commercial Customers (“General Terms”)
  • Nova Energy’s Product Purchase Terms and Conditions (“Purchase Terms”)
  • The following special terms (“Special Terms”).

If there is any conflict between our General Terms or Purchase terms and the Special Terms below, these Special Terms will apply.

Introduction and Eligibility

  1. This Offer is only available to selected residential electricity and business customers in selected regions.
  2. To be eligible for this Offer you must:
    1. be a residential electricity customer or business electricity customer of Nova, located in one of our supply regions;
    2. meet Nova’s standard acceptance and credit criteria; and
    3. agree to our Product Purchase Terms and Conditions; available at

The Offer

  1. The Offer includes:
    1. The supply and installation of a Wallbox EV Charger. The EV Charger’s pricing and model information is available on our website (, on your Supply Application, or on request.
    2. The option to pay for the EV Charger upfront, or to pay it off over either a payment term of:
      1. one or two years (i.e., 12 or 24 months) if you are a residential electricity customer; or
      2. one year (i.e., 12 months) if you are a business customer via your Nova Energy account, in equal instalments.
  2. If you select a payment term and you switch away or end your electricity supply with us for any reason during your payment term, then you will be required to pay the remaining balance of the EV Charger cost either immediately, or over a period agreed by us.
  3. The Offer is also conditional on you agreeing to our Product Purchase Terms and Conditions; available at
  4. We reserve the right to change or withdraw the EV Charger model(s) available with this Offer, as specified on our website or in any promotional material, if the specified model becomes unavailable for any reason. If the specified model becomes unavailable after your application has been accepted, we will endeavour to provide you with an alternative model of comparable value. We will let you know if this occurs and give you the option to cancel your purchase.

Nova Charge Hub App and Business Portal Services

  1. The Nova Charge Hub App (“App”) and the Nova Charge Hub Business Portal (“Business Portal”) are designed to be used in conjunction with the EV Charger.
    1. The App can be downloaded free of charge from your app store and is subject to separate Terms of Use. The App has two functions:
      1. If you have purchased an EV Charger from Nova, you will be able to connect to your EV Charger remotely to monitor and control your EV’s charging (“Charger Control”)
      2. You will be able to find and use Nova’s or Nova’s approved third-party providers’ EV charging stations around New Zealand to charge an EV, and you pay using a credit debit card you have loaded on the App (“Find and Pay Function”).
    2. The App’s Charger Control functions will be made available free of charge to purchasers of EV Chargers under this Offer while the purchaser remains a residential electricity customer or business electricity customer of Nova. However, if you switch away or end your electricity supply with Nova for any reason, the App’s Charger Control may be disabled at our sole discretion (but you will still be able to use the App’s Find and Pay Function).
    3. The Business Portal is only available to business customers on a paid subscription basis and is subject to a separate Licence and Subscription Agreement.
    4. The Business Portal allows business customers the ability to remotely access and self-manage their EV Chargers, enabling them to:
      • Review EV charger usage in real time
      • Schedule private, semi-public, or public access to their charge points
      • Remotely lock and unlock their chargers
      • Decide who gets to charge and how much they pay
      • Get real time notifications on charging sessions
    5. If you switch away or end your business’s electricity supply with Nova for any reason, access to the Business Portal will be revoked at the end of the relevant paid subscription period at our sole discretion.
  2. Once an EV Charger has been installed, it will be activated by the installer, and you may remotely access the EV Charger via the App (subject to agreeing to the App’s Terms of Use) and/or the Business Portal if you are a business customer (subject to entering a separate Licence and Subscription Agreement with us).

EV Charger installation

  1. Before an application for the supply and installation of an EV Charger is approved, we or our representative(s), may undertake a site visit to confirm whether your application can be approved as a standard installation or if any additional installation costs (described below) may apply:
  2. The EV Charger must be installed by Nova Energy, or our approved third-party installers.
  3. Installation includes:
    1. liaising with the customer regarding the best positioning of the EV Charger unit;
    2. supply and internal or external mounting* of the EV Charger, power boost unit and any associated equipment and materials, including cabling, conduit, and the isolation switch, required for installation within 5 meters of a distribution board (*external mounting is available only on selected waterproof charging models)
    3. training and instruction on the EV Charging unit’s operation; and
    4. set up, testing and training for up to three users for the App and Business Portal (where applicable).
  4. Additional installation costs may apply where:
    1. following our installer’s technical assessment, any remedial work is required to upgrade the distribution board or electricity circuitry to meet industry standards or safety requirements (for example, asbestos removal);
    2. the distribution board is located more than 5 meters from charger install location;
    3. installation of a Type B current breaker is required under WorkSafe’s Electric Vehicle Charging Safety Guidelines at your site; and/or
    4. you request any specific upgrades to the distribution board, the EV Charger’s cabling, or your site’s electrical connection type.

Where additional installation costs apply, we will agree these costs with you before the installation of the EV Charger commences.

EV Charger relocation

  1. If the EV Charger is removed or moved during or after your payment term by anyone other than us or our approved installer, this will void any warranty provided under our Product Purchase Terms and Conditions.
  2. If you need to move or relocate the EV Charger, you must contact us. Additional costs may apply for system removal or relocation. If there are additional costs, we will agree these costs with you before we relocate the EV Charger.


  1. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, store, disclose, use, and protect your personal information. Our Privacy Policy is available on our website.
  2. We reserve the right to change or withdraw this Offer at any time without notice.

Effective 1 July 2023