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How to Switch

After you fill in the application form to sign up, your switch to Nova should take around 10 days for electricity and natural gas.  We’ll be in touch when once you are up and running.

Here is some information around the swich over process:

Will my power and/or natural gas be cut off if I switch?
No. There should be no disruption to your energy supply.

I have a smart meter at my property (for my electricity) – will Nova be able to read it?
Yes, we’ll be able to read your smart meter.

How often will you read my meter?
We will read your meter once a month (unless this is not possible for reasons beyond our control).  

I’m worried I’ll get double billed – will this happen?
The switching process is usually seamless. Your supply should end with your former supplier and begin with us on the same meter reading. If you do find a discrepency please email us or call us on 0800 668 236.