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Location Test Certificate

Frequently asked Questions

The HSNO Act requires that where more than 100 kilograms of LPG is stored, a Location Test Certificate is needed for that location (Source: Environmental Risk Management Authority).

What is a Location Test Certificate?
In simple terms a Location Test Certificate is a bit like the old Dangerous Goods License. If you hold very flammable substances such as LPG and they exceed the amount set down in the legislation (100kg), you will need a Location Test Certificate and a Test Certifier will need to visit your facility to issue it.

How do I know if I need a Location Test Certificate?
As a general rule, if you previously held a Dangerous Goods License or you have over 100 kilograms of LPG on site, then you will probably need a Location Test Certificate.


  • 4 x 45 kg cylinders on one site (180 kg’s of stored LPG) would require a Location Test Certificate.
  • 7 x 15 kg forklift cylinders (105 kg’s of stored LPG, not including forklift cylinders mounted on forklifts) would require a Location Test Certificate.
  • 2 x 45 kg cylinders on one site with a 9kg cylinder connected to a BBQ or mobile gas appliance (99 kg’s of stored LPG) would not require a Location Test Certificate.

Who is responsible for the Location Test Certificate?
The “Person in Charge” at the place of work or Home Owner has the responsibility for obtaining the Location Test Certificate. The Person in Charge / Home Owner will need to arrange for a Location Test Certificate each year although the regulations allow application for an extension up to three years, if you meet certain standards.

Who will provide me with a Location Test Certificate?
A Test Certifier approved by ERMA New Zealand will issue the Location Test Certificate. Test Certifiers are not employed by ERMA New Zealand or LPG supply companies; they are private individuals or companies and offer a service to industry. You may choose a Test Certifier who certifies in your area or seek a recommendation from Nova Energy. There is no set fee; it is a straight forward commercial arrangement between you and the Test Certifier with prices usually varying between $150 - $300.

What will the Test Certifier do?
The Test Certifier does not undertake a complete compliance check but will look at:

  • Administrative controls.
  • Control of the ignition sources, including hazardous atmosphere zone and controlled zone provision.
  • Segregation and storage of hazardous substances.
  • Protective equipment and clothing in some instances.
  • Signage.
  • Emergency management, including secondary containment, provision.

Please refer LPG Cylinder Guidelines for further information.

How will the regulation changes effective 2 March 2012 affect me?
Effective 2 March 2012, an amendment to LPG regulatory controls means it is an offence for any LPG supplier, including Nova Energy, to deliver LPG to a site with over 100kg of LPG that does not have a current Location Test Certificate.

Because of the amendment, Nova Energy needs to ensure that all affected customer sites are compliant by 2 March 2012. We will not be able to supply non-compliant sites.

Please refer “Pending changes to government regulations affecting the storage and delivery of LPG” for further information.