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the Nova Energy mobile app

The Nova Energy App

All the things you need to manage your energy in one easy to use application.

Use the app to see your electricity and/or gas usage, get payment reminders and pay your energy bill quickly and simply from your smartphone.

If you're already a Nova customer, download the app to:

  • Get notifications about your bill and payment reminders
  • View your electricity and/or gas usage graphs and compare these to your previous usage
  • Pay your bill by credit card or online eftpos for one off payments or set up recurring payments so your bill is paid automatically and on time each month

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Getting Started with the Nova app:

  • You will need an active Nova Energy account and either a Google or Facebook account to register for the app
  • To register the app for the first time, login using either you Facebook or Google details, if you don’t have either of these social accounts you will need to set one up before using the app (setting up a free Google Gmail account only takes a few minutes)
  • Next you will need to enter your Nova account number (this can be found at the top of your bill) and date of birth. This ensures we can link the app to your account – Noting you will need to have your date of birth registered on your account
  • The app uses a two step registration process – this is to protect your security - it will send a code via text or email that you will need to enter in the app to finalise the registration
  • Noting that you will need to have your switch completed and your current email and/or mobile number registered with Nova
  • If you don’t have your details; email, phone number or date of birth up to date (if the number or email doesn’t match the one partially shown) or registered with your Nova account then you will need to call the Nova call centre and update your information before trying the registration again – be aware that data update syncing is done every 6 hours during the day so you will need to try registering again later

Q and A:

Q. I don’t have a Gmail or Facebook account what can I do?
A. It is very simple to set up a free Gmail account even if you have another email account.
Go to, click “create an account”, follow the directions and enter the required information and you will be good to go.
Q. I don’t want to set up a Gmail or Facebook account
I am sorry but currently using these companies free accounts are the only way you can login and set up the Nova app. We have chosen this login method as it is a secure process for authentication.
Q.  Why does the Nova app want to access my contacts? 
A. When using Google to login you will see a message requesting access to contacts – please accept this request. This is not a request for the Nova app to access your contacts; it is to allow Google to access your actual Gmail email address. This part of the authentication doesn’t share any contacts with the app itself – it just permits your Google email address to be used for authentication. Unfortunately Google’s wording around contacts is very general, Google has a general permission called contacts, which can include other things, but in this case, the Gmail address is all they will see.