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Nova Energy's peaker

Electricity Generation

Innovation and quality are very much part of Nova Energy’s generation activities. Our electricity generation utilises a range of clean-burning natural gas facilities. This diversified portfolio has been built up over the years providing us with the skills and knowledge to tackle a wide range of generation projects.

Further renewable energy projects being evaluated include investment into new tidal-generation technologies.


Nova Energy holds interests in highly efficient co-generation plants at Kapuni, Edgecumbe and at Fonterra's milk processing plant in Hawera. These facilities directly utilise Nova Energy's natural gas and expertise to provide our customers with a total energy solution to meet their business gas, electricity and steam requirements.

Nova Energy’s McKee co-generation facility was designed to run on waste gas that was previously flared into the atmosphere. The co-gen plant provides electricity, and through the heat exchange process, hot water. The hot water is used to process  the well fluids from the McKee oil field. The co-gen units are capable of generating 2 MW of electricity which is exported to the local grid. 

Landfill Gas 

Greenhouse gas from Wellington’s Southern Landfill is being used to generate electricity. The landfill gas collection system captures 4 million cubic meters of odorous and environmentally harmful landfill gas each year, this then drives the generation plant. The 1 MW plant generates up to 8 GWh of electricity per year – enough to power 1000 households.