What can cause a high bill?

Energy bills can fluctuate for many reasons, such as:

  • A longer billing period than usual - the average number of days billed each month is 30. So, a few days more or less could alter the total amount due when you compare it to previous months.
  • Change in lifestyle - a new baby, more people than usual in your home, or someone working from home will increase energy use. Lifestyle changes typically increase hot water use, laundry costs and heating or cooling costs.
  • Rate changes - changes or increases to energy rates can affect the total amount due.
  • Seasonal usage - hot days mean you may be running fans or air conditioners and colder days need more heating than usual. Air conditioning, dehumidifiers, swimming pools/pumps and spa pools will all increase energy use.
  • New appliance - such as a big TV, underfloor heating or second refrigerator
  • You still owe money from a previous bill – if you didn’t pay the full amount from your last bill the amount remaining will carry over to the next one.