How do I arrange a new electricity or natural gas connection?

Electricity connection:

If you need electricity for either your new home or business, or if you are planning an upgrade to your existing premises, give us a call. Or ask your builder or electrician to make the call.

We’re can usually arrange a new electricity connection over the phone. We can also set up temporary supply to your building site and then swap you onto normal supply when you're ready.

Gas connection:

Our specialist new connections team can help set up any new natural gas connection at your home or business. We’ll need a few details over the phone and then a gas specialist will call you to go through the connection process. They’ll arrange for a gas meter to be installed and get you connected to the gas network.

Please note: natural gas may not be available in your area and new connection fees may apply. Also it’s a legal requirement that your new gas connection is completed by a certified gasfitter