How do I set up my NetComm modem on a Fibre connection?

  1.  Connect Ethernet cable 

Plug the Ethernet cable into the blue WAN port on the back of the modem. 

step 1
  1. Connect to ONT

Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into the LAN 1 or GE 1 port on your Optical Network Terminal (ONT). That's the little fibre box attached to your wall. 



  1. Connect power adapter

Connect the power adapter to the modem, then plug it into a wall socket and switch the power on. Only use the power adapter provided with this modem. 

  1. Turn on the modem

Press the ON/OFF button on the left side of the modem. Wait a minute or so for the Power, Internet and WAN lights to turn green. 

  1. Connect to WiFi

Connect your devices using the Network Name and WiFi Password shown on the base of the modem. Alternatively, use an Ethernet cable to connect a device (e.g. a laptop) to any Ethernet port on the modem.

  1. If you have a Home Phone service with us

Using an RJ11 cable, connect a VoIP phone base unit to either Telephone port on the back of the modem. Please note, your phone equipment must be Telepermit compatible.