Why is a mesh system better than a range extender or repeater?

WiFi extenders and repeaters can help extend your wireless connection, but they do so in slightly different ways and can create new issues.

A repeater rebroadcasts your signal by creating a new network connection that you need to join in different areas of your premises. While that can increase WiFi coverage, it also reduces bandwidth of your original network and becomes a hassle when moving around your site.

An extender, on the other hand, does not create a new network, but instead connects to your network via cable. Using a wired connection won’t impact your WiFi bandwidth but can be a problem if you don’t want to install cabling throughout your premises.

We recommend a mesh system, like our Nokia Beacons, which extend WiFi connectivity by using multiple nodes that work together to create one large network. This provides the best of both worlds, seamless wireless coverage and better overall performance.