What is fibre?

‘Fibre’ refers to a fibre-optic connection that is replacing old copper phone lines. It sends more data at higher speeds than even the fastest connection on a copper line.

Fibre lets people run more devices in their home and access all the online services they need, such as movies, music and gaming.

If your home has a number of devices like smart phones, tablets, PCs, Smart TVs or gaming consoles, you need the speed and bandwidth of fibre (as copper ADSL and VDSL internet connections can get congested as more devices are added to the same connection, and used at the same time).

Comparatively, with a fibre connection you won’t see a drop-in speed or function caused by running several devices at the same time.

Fibre is the connection to get the most from the internet now and to be ready for the next generation of services. With Nova you can get Fibre for the same cost as ADSL or VDSL. We also offer Fibre Boost for even faster speeds.

What is fibre?

Here’s what fibre lets you enjoy:

  • All the entertainment you can handle. Watch TV, movies, sport and more on Netflix, On Demand, Sky Online, Neon, Amazon Prime, Lightbox and the ever-growing list of providers
  • Streaming music via Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud or any other online music source
  • The best gaming experiences. Play faster, get updates quicker and add more players
  • Learn faster. Get more information and access video easily - perfect for any level of education
  • Cloud store easily. Greater upload and download speeds let you store your files safely and access them quickly
  • The freedom to work from home. With fibre anything you need to send, receive or access via the cloud is done quickly and easily.