Refund Policy

  1. If you need your account credit with Nova refunded to you, you can contact us on 0800 668 236 or to request a refund.
  2. Nova may issue or decline to issue a refund on a case-by-case basis at Nova’s sole discretion.
  3. In considering any refund request for any or all of the credit balance on your account, Nova will assess a range of factors including the balance of your Nova account and other information relevant to you and your account with us. For example, we may consider the timing of upcoming bills, if the credit balance has resulted from an estimate, error or special circumstances, your account payment history etc. We may also ask you to make changes to payment methods to prevent future overpayments or reoccurring account credits and refunds.
  4. If you are on Smooth Pay, we will always first ensure there will continue to be an adequate credit balance to cover your average monthly bill when considering whether to approve a refund. As smoothed payments are calculated for your account over a year, it may result in some months being in credit to compensate for months when energy consumption may be higher (i.e. winter months). However, we can recalculate your account to see whether a refund is available and if so, how much.
  5. If we haven’t received a meter reading in the last 90 days or if your last bill was an estimate, then we may need you to provide us with a meter read (which may need to be verified by Nova). Then we can regenerate your bill to that actual read and determine if any refund is available.
  6. If the refund is requested by someone who's not a main contact on your account then we may require further information (including direct permission from the account holder) to support and verify that the request is appropriate before Nova will provide any account information or take any refund action.
  7. If you are leaving Nova, any possible refund will be processed after your final bill is calculated.
  8. If we are refunding a bond then we will apply the amount of the bond towards any outstanding amounts, or your final bill if you are leaving, and then refund any remaining credit amount to you as part of this final wash-up.
  9. All approved refunds will be paid by direct credit into your bank account. If the refund amount is for more than $100 and is requested to be paid into a bank account that is different to your bank account details recognised by Nova, then we may require proof of the requested bank account details to help us to verify that we are refunding your money correctly.
  10. Nova will endeavour to process any refund within 3 working days of approval of the refund. Your refund request needs to be in and approved before Wednesday to be received in the same week. Note: If we have already processed two refunds for you in any 12 month period, then any refunds after this may each incur a $7.50 administration fee.
  11. Our Refund Policy forms part of the Nova Energy General Terms and Conditions for Residential and Commercial Customers.