Residential Customer Care Policy

As an energy and telecommunication’s retailer we understand the essential role electricity, natural gas, broadband and mobile services play in our customers’ lives. We are committed to ensuring you stay safe and connected.

Our Customer Care Policy sets out our service promises to our customers. This Policy acts as a guide to how we operate, care for, and treat customers. Read our Policy below.

Nova Customer Care Policypdf | 214 kB

Our Policy applies in conjunction with (not instead of) our General Customer Terms and Conditionsalong with any Special Terms that may apply to you.

Our Consumer Care Policy is aligned to the Electricity Authority’s, Gas Industry Company’s Consumer Care Guidelines, and the NZ Telecommunications Forum’s Consumer Care Guidelines.

Some helpful links for you

Power Saving Advice

Check out our energy saving tips to help you save energy at home. 

Social Agency Assistance

You may be able to get extra assistance from Work and Income or another social agency. 


Phone: 0800 559 009 

Other social agencies include the Citizens Advice Bureau, local Mayoral Fund or Age Concern. 

Budgeting Advice

You may also want to get some budgeting advice from Money Talks. 


Phone 0800 345 123 or text on 4209

Contact details for Utilities Disputes:



Phone: 0800 22 33 40

Post: PO Box 5875, Wellington 6145

Contact details for Telecommunications Disputes Resolution



Phone:0508 989 898

Post: Freepost 214075, PO Box 5573, Wellington 6140